Annette cohen

Yoga Therapist

Life Coach




My aim as a therapist is to help unlock your innate abilities to self-heal. I work on the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of disease. Dis-ease in the mind; trauma held in the body and trapped emotions all serve to cause us some form of suffering. 

Pain is always our greatest teacher and through understanding, self-compassion and good self-care we can enter a beautiful process of self-discovery. We can harness this energy, use it and hopefully in time teach others.

Journeying back to the initial cause of the first discomfort, entering a process of discovery, acceptance and release. It can be a very quick process, or it may require more time and patience but what we learn along the way we hope not only benefits us but our external world too.

As an integrated therapist I pull from all aspects of my training (please see my training page), I have worked in many different clinical and occupational settings, including the NHS and Hospice. I work well with different ranges of mental and physical disabilities and a broad range of health conditions. I have worked alongside 12 step addiction programmes with professional sportspersons and alongside physiotherapists and doctors.

I am passionate that yoga and healing be accessible to all regardless of circumstance. I have spent a long time teaching more mature students and have also worked with end of life care.

I have worked continuously in this field since the late 90’s and continue to learn and grow in my work and experience.

I continue to remain open to new projects and have worked with many charitable organisations.

What My Clients Say

Annette is a fantastic Yoga teacher. Before I was introduced to her...I thought Yoga was mainly about having a strong and flexible body. Annette introduced the spiritual side...and suddenly yoga made sense. Resistance in the body on certain postures often reflected outside conditions in my life. I loved the energy connection between my body and my being. I have been with Annette for many years and cannot recommend her more highly!
I’ve been doing yoga with Annette for quite a few years now and I couldn’t recommend a better instructor in yoga and life coaching. It’s an honour to be one of Annette’s students, she has helped me grow physically and spiritually with her classes and kindness and love. Looking forward to continuing my yoga journey under Annette’s guidance. Namaste 🙏🏼
Annette brings a more holistic approach to yoga practice than any of my previous teachers have. Her sessions are always fun and informative, and help train the mind as well as the body. The classes are also structured to be open to all abilities.
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