Life coaching

My practice as a life coach has evolved greatly through the years and I have come to view it as a creative and often profound process. The tools I use are very effective and cut out a lot of sessional time. Less ‘in clinic’ time means the work we do together is less timely and becomes much more cost effective than some more conventional forms of therapy.

  • I give ongoing support out of clinic, through calls and emails which support the journey of self-discovery and ultimately self-mastery.

  • In clinic’ gives me an opportunity to hold a space where by we can journey safely. The aim is to facilitate a process that helps you identify and surface trapped emotions from the past.

  • Trapped emotions can unconsciously program our thinking and create habitual behaviour, unblocking the client can help resolve all manners of problems in their personal and professional life.

  • Emotional clearing allows deep healing to occur. How much emotional clearing depends on the individual client.

  • Evidence suggests treating physical and mental illness, in conjunction with emotional clearing work gives the best chance of healing.

  • Life is ongoing and so we start the journey of really living in the present. I will teach you the tools you need to maintain that healing and lead a balanced life.

  • I will give you tools to assist you in building resilience, a robust adult self, and a space for inner peace, self-love and self-compassion.

  • These three components when mastered within the self our reflected in our external world.

  • Self-healing becomes our responsibility, our aim inner peace and a peaceful world.

  • Understanding the emotions, we become emotional alchemists. Transcending pain as a journey back to love.


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