my training

I have been fortunate to have many fantastic teachers along the way some of my more conventional training is noted below.

Classical Yoga Training (Sivananda 2005)
Mixed ability Yoga
Over 65’s Yoga
Yogic philosophy
Breathwork for health and relaxation
Body Massage including face hand and foot.
Acupuncture/Acupressure and Spinal reflexology techniques
Life Coaching
Person centred counselling skills
NLP techniques
Affirmations for health
Western and Eastern Nutritional training
Focusing by Dr Eugene Gendlin
Transactional Analysis
Dream analysis based on the energetic system
Gestalt Dream Therapy
Transcendental Meditation
Non-Violent communication (Marshall Rosenburg)
Visual awareness training for the visually impaired.
Hospice training
Reiki Master Teacher (energy healing)

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