Over 65's Yoga

I have done specialist training in yoga for the over 65’s. There are so many different levels of ability at this age. Some may be perfectly happy in the Open Class and others may have some limitations that prevent them from being in that class or they may just prefer some of the other aspects of Yoga.

We start to lose flexibility in the lower back at just 35! As a result, we need to be able to honour the body’s process in all its stages of life.

We need to practise the asanas (postures) but maybe have them adapted in some ways to suit our needs. We may also be interested in changing our diets as our digestive system has changed with age. Hormonal changes may need regulating with gentle exercise and relaxation. Breathwork that helps to ease anxiety, aid relaxation or help regulate asthma and a decrease in lung capacity.
These issues can be addressed with the practise of yoga. We can build strength, improve health and increase our peacefulness.

Over the age of 65 is the most philosophical stage of life, so some may be drawn to the philosophy of yogic traditions or the psychology associated with the workings of the mind. All is Yoga.

Yoga is a science for healthy living and a pathway to peace.

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