Personal yoga training

What are the benefits of a Personal Yoga Trainer?

Hatha Yoga is the practice of all physical Yoga. Ha is sun and Tha is moon, which describes the unique way in which we try to bring ourselves into balance physically. 

We are all a little lopsided which over the years can show up as back and hip pains so we can work on the weak areas to build strength that matches are stronger aspects. 

As your Personal Yoga trainer, I can work with you to match your own unique style!

  • Yoga in the comfort of your own home or in clinic.
  • A Yoga session tailored for your specific needs.
  • Family Yoga practice.
  • Privacy not everyone is comfortable with group settings and the main aim for your practice is for you to fully relax.
  • A yoga session that suits your interests, be that breathing and physical exercises for asthma, or maybe you are more interested in the meditation, philosophy, or diet.
  • Rehabilitation from mental illness or physical issues can be addressed personally and with discretion.
  • Gain confidence so that you can join your regular yoga classes with less anxiety.
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