• Proper Breathing Pranayama
  • Proper Diet Prana Rich Foods
  • Proper Exercise Hatha Yoga
  • Proper Meditation Transcendental Meditation
  • Proper Relaxation Savasana

Yoga is a philosophy for healthy living.

Trained in California in the Sivananda style of classical yoga this form of yoga is the perfect balance of fitness, meditation and relaxation.

The main reason people come to yoga is pain. Whether that be physical or emotional or spiritual.

No matter what your level of fitness or physical ability there is a yoga class to suit you.
To strengthen the body is to strengthen the mind. When we access ways to bring the mind and body under control, we gain energy and improve our well being on all levels.

I started teaching in 2005 but my experience with yoga began much earlier, I continue to have ongoing training in the healing art of yoga as part of my lifelong journey.

I have specialist training to work with seniors and to teach mixed abilities.

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